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Modern Day garage doors are specially designed to act as a highlight in the home. Also, there are numerous garage door brands in Canada. Furthermore, with the advancement of technology, manufacturing companies are specializing in producing superior quality, and durable garage doors. Some of the most popular brands include;

  • Amarr Doors
  • North West Doors(NWD)
  • Wayne Dalton
  • C.H.I.
  • Clopay
  • Steel Craft

So, Whether your garage door is automatic or manual, sometimes they develop problems, and this can be inconveniencing.

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What causes garage door problems?

There are various reasons for this as seen below.

Garage Door Tracks Alignment

When the garage door track is poorly aligned, it poses huge risks. Therefore, the garage door cannot function appropriately when the metal track is not well aligned.


Establish whether there are gaps between the rail and the rollers. Additionally, check for any bends within the rails. If these are present, they can be worsened by the door weight making the door risky to operate.So, Assuming that the door can still move amid the poor alignment, one can correct the problem by loosening the screws that link the track, and the frame. However, due to the risks involved in this operation, incorporating the services of professional garage door repairs is recommended. Call us for a garage door repair Calgary

Garage Door Opener Remote

The garage door Opener remotes require power to function appropriately. So, In the event the transmitter batteries are dead, the transmitter is not able to communicate with the garage door to open it.

Therefore, if the door does not open, you may want to confirm whether the transmitter mounted on a wall in the garage functions on pressing. If it does, this may be an indication that the transmitter located within your garage door needs a battery replacement.


Make sure all car transmitter batteries in the garage are replaced to avoid inconveniences. In addition, you can either change the batteries on your own or have them changed by a professional. To sum up. After the replacement is complete, carry out a test to ensure that everything is working appropriately.

Broken Garage Door Springs

Garage doors come with an intricate array of springs, tracks, and pulleys. So, Sometimes the door will neither open, nor close. Also, Some other times it may not close appropriately due to a problem with the springs.

But, a problem with the springs can be easily detected through a visual inspection of the springs from the interior part of the garage door. Remember, the springs support and move the door weight.

This means that in the event of a structural problem, the door may fail to open or close. In addition, Spring problems may be due to consistent wear and tear, or weather fluctuations.


Broken springs can be a complex problem that many homeowners may not be able to solve on their own. Therefore, getting help from a professional helps prevent the dangers that come with this problem such as injuries. To sum up, Garage door technicians are specially trained to analyze problems and come up with appropriate solutions.

Different Garage Door Parts and Accessories

Garage doors come with various parts and accessories. They include;

  • Rollers
  • Weather seal
  • Weatherstripping
  • Hinges
  • Brackets
  • End bearing plates
  • Bushings
  • Torsion springs/extension springs
  • Cable drums
  • Center plate
  • Torsion cables
  • Vertical tracks
  • Horizontal tracks
  • Top fixtures
  • Bottom fixtures
  • Stoppers
  • Punched angle
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Are you experiencing problems with your garage doors in Calgary? It is advisable to seek professional help immediately to avoid further damage. Also, Having professional garage door technicians inspect your door regularly is an ideal way of preventing unnecessary inconveniences and risks.