Garage Door Chain – How Often It Should Get Replaced

How often my garage door chain must get replaced? Answering this question is not as simple as saying every ten years, or every 15. Though most will tell you 10 to 15 years is the typical durability of an overhead door chain, there are quite a lot of aspects to consider.

How many times is it used per day? How frequently do you do a complete maintenance on the overhead door? What was the quality of the overhead door opener, its chain and its installation?

Factors that determine the lifetime of an overhead door chain:

The more often an overhead door is closed and opened determines the wear and tear on the chain. If you use the door not so frequently, the chain could last much longer.

The more frequently you do maintenance on the door opener and, more importantly, how well you do the upkeep will ascertain a feasible timeline for replacement. It is only rational that any mechanical appliance that makes the metal to brush against metal requires lubrication. Without appropriate lubrication, the parts may wear down faster. Likewise, a nicely lubricated overhead door chain is more dependable and quitter.

The quality of your overhead door opener also determines how long it will last before it should be replaced. The LiftMaster openers are some of the best available in the marketplace. Also, LiftMaster parts have been proven to last much longer if installed and maintained correctly.

Several older overhead door openers were not installed well. Moreover, contractors who constructed multiple houses in a housing complex want to earn some money by using poor quality products. The area that many contractors like to save money is on garage door openers. The contractors know that the doors would hardly be opened until after the homes were sold, so they tend to use the less-known brand doors and openers. The overhead door chain fitted with those sub-par brand openers demand replacement much quicker.

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