Garage door repair Airdrie

There is nothing as annoying as a garage door that does not work well. The cause of the problem could be anything and can cause you a headache. At Thrifty Garage Door Repair Airdrie, AB, we diagnose all garage door problems and fix them. We are A family owned repair service that offers garage door replacements, repairs, maintenance etc.

Listed below are some of these problems that make your garage door not to work well and the solutions to solving the problems.

Broken/snapped cables

Garage doors are held together by cables. Once they break, your garage door may either slam down completely or still work but at a much slower pace. This situation is also dangerous for anyone using the garage. It is a problem that requires immediate attention and professionals to fix.

Broken garage door springs Airdrie

It’s a matter of time for the springs to break, If you neglect your garage door, the springs may break faster. The springs are the ones that do the heavy lifting and must always be in good condition. When springs break, what follows is a loud bang from the garage door jamming it completely. Once the door jams, it becomes hard or impossible to open it.

Bent or misaligned rails

If you want your garage door to open smoothly, you need well aligned and straight trails. There should be no gap between the rollers and the rails. In case there is a gap, then the door will not open properly, and you will need a professional to fix the problem.

Dirty and misaligned photo eyes

Modern garage doors have photo eyes that prevent the door from closing when there is anything or anyone on the way. Dirty eyes might open the door but closing it may be a problem

Dead remote batteries

Sometimes your garage door might be perfect but the remote does not work. Check if the batteries are okay and if they are dead, replace them.

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