Garage Door Installation

Garage Doors Calgary

Garage Door Installation was never easier. Garage doors change over the years. This might be due to faulty parts, age, weakness due to too much use or pounding due to extreme weather conditions. When a garage door changes its original form or starts giving you headaches, you may want to get a garage door installation. Or if you have an old-fashioned garage door, you may want to go with the new trends in the Canadian market. At Thrifty Garage Door Repair Calgary, our specialty is garage door installation and garage door repair. We are a Garage Door company Based in Calgary, AB

Replacing your old garage door with a trendy new door

Sometimes you may feel that you have had enough of your old garage door and want to keep with the new trends. There are several garage door types to choose from. You can either go with glass and composites, vinyl, steel or wood. They all have different benefits in terms of designs, prices, build, brands, and style. Some of the most popular garage door brands in Canada are Amarr Garage Doors, Steel-craft, Wayne Dalton, NWD, Clopay

What makes the new trendy garage doors different?

Many people nowadays will go with quality, elegance, and functions when choosing a garage door. In the past, many of the garage doors were bulky and hard to manage and high maintenance. Now they are lighter, easier to maintain and they make homes look elegant. They are made in such a way that they create space in garages and have better security features. Below are the things to expect with the new trendy garage doors


Today’s garage doors are very fashionable. Leading the pack are carriage house-style garage doors. They are customized to your liking and they add a certain appeal and class to your home. Besides that, they are easy to maintain. Whereas before manufacturers made them with 21-inch panels, they are now making them with 28-inch panels making them more design friendly.

Less noise

Gone is the annoying creaking sound from old garage doors. While some took this as an advantage because of security, the screeching sound is still annoying. Today’s doors come with pinch-free sections, security features and specialized locks that ensure the doors prevent any unauthorized entries.


In the past, garage doors kept intruders out. Now garage doors can keep both the cold and heat out or in the house depending on what you want. This is because the insulation on the new garage doors come with advanced features without putting a dent on your electricity bills.